Ep #4 – Channeling for Beginners: Everyone Can Do It!

EP #4 – Channeling For Beginners: Everyone Can Do It!

We hear a lot about channelers and mediums in the spiritual community. But here’s the thing — channeling is for EVERYONE! As I’ve learned from my guides, it’s more akin to a muscle that anyone can exercise, than a gift that only a few select humans have.

So I decided to create a channeling video that hopefully takes the mystique out of it and welcomes you into your own channeling journey if that is something you want to cultivate in your life.

I discuss how I started channeling, the process of connecting to my guides, the book I used to help guide my process and what it is I’m experiencing when connected.  

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Book Mentioned: Opening To Channel – https://www.amazon.com/Opening-Channel-Connect-Guide-Sanaya/dp/0915811057

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