Kat Walsh is the Founder & Host of Trip On This, a psychedelic educator, entrepreneur, public speaker and spiritual guide. Featured in prominent publications like Forbes Magazine, Kat’s voice has continued to expand and create an accessible bridge for those new to their psychedelic and spiritual journeys.

Prior to launching Trip On This in December 2020, Walsh worked behind the scenes in the entertainment industry working with talent at Creative Artist Agency (CAA), developing series as Director of Development at Edyson Entertainment, and overseeing major marketing campaigns for BMW, HBO, and Freeform.

While life looked glamorous on the outside, it often felt like a monotony of routine, endless stress, and a distant love that felt out of reach. It wasn’t until psychedelics entered the picture did life transform from the ordinary to the extraordinary. When this newfound sense of joy and wonder took hold, a new vibrancy led her down a path of purpose, direction, and fulfillment she never knew possible.

Kat has now dedicated her life to helping others uncover their own power and potential. She left the safety of her corporate life to follow a dream and now guides others in taking their own leap of faith.

Kat’s podcasts Trip On This and Life With Kat Walsh are available on all major podcast platforms.

Kat’s Website: https://www.lifewithkatwalsh.com/
Trip On This Website: https://www.triponthispodcast.com

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