Greetings fellow traveler! My name is Kat Walsh.
I’m a psychedelic educator, storyteller, event MC, and boost of encouragement for those on their awakening path.

In 2020, I left my corporate life and followed an inner calling to create my psychedelic podcast, Trip On This. It probably looked crazy to the outside world. I had never done anything like that. I’d never been on camera, never been in the public eye, never edited, never hosted, the list goes on.

And not only did I believe I was going to *immediately* learn all of these new skills at the age of 34, but that I was also going to make it as a paid professional podcast host basically overnight. Ha! Well — that didn’t quite happen, but miracles did begin. Oh and did I mention I barely had any money in the bank? No studio backing, no real strategy and yet — the pull to use my voice was undeniable. I just kept hearing “You’re going to have everything that you need.”

Meanwhile, right before launching the podcast in December 2020, I had a spontaneous mystical awakening that changed my entire understanding of the world and my relationship to it.  An inner voice came online in a way that is beyond description. It was a voice of clear guidance leading me along a path of extraordinary change. 

So the journey began…Every step of the way with Trip On This  and subsequent endeavors, an inner voice had guided me along every choice, every action, every step. You may know this voice yourself. Some call it the voice of intuition, others call it angels, some call it their Higher Self. Whatever word fits for you — it’s always there whispering to us if we’re willing to listen. 

Life With Kat Walsh podcast was one of these subsequent endeavors. It’s a personal journal style podcast where I can freely share what it’s like to walk a very different path than what society would deem “normal.” My hope is that my story, insights and learnings help illuminate the lives of others.

I suppose I have a thesis I’m working with. And the thesis is this — when we allow ourselves to bravely follow the intuitive guidance within and step into the unknown with full trust and surrender that we will land wherever we’re meant to land, extraordinary things can await. Things our limited minds could not possibly dream of. But it takes a lot of courage and a lot of faith to face the fear of the unknown head on.

And that’s why I’m here. To walk this path next to you. To root for you. To help guide you. To be a friend for you.

I don’t exactly know where this inner voice is taking me next but everyday I actively choose to surrender my need to know. I don’t always succeed. Fear is a mighty contender. But love, trust and faith always seems to prevail.

Glad to have you here.

With love,