LIFE WITH KAT WALSH is the umbrella brand for all things Kat Walsh. Part podcast, part community, part voiceover work, part whatever else I cook up with the universe.

For so much of my life, I kept things compartmentalized. Work was over here, personal life was over there, and my inner world just floating aimlessly above it all. I wanted to live up to whatever “role” I was playing for different people and scenarios in my life. Even my psychedelic podcast TRIP ON THIS was treated as something separate from my whole self at first.  It’s only through deep inner self-exploration did I realize how much energy I was losing by trying to be so many things to so many people instead of inviting people to know my full expression — all the shades of gray that make up who I am. 

LIFE WITH KAT WALSH as a brand represents Self-Expression. Alignment. Seeking to know one’s self.  It represents moving through the world differently. To flow through this world with radical trust and radical faith that we aren’t doing this life game alone. That we are not isolated from one another or the divine tapestry of this magnificent existence. That we are powerful beyond measure as we begin to wake up to our own divine heritage in perfect communion with all that is. The Universe, God, Source, Nature, the Cosmos. 

I believe we are in constant communication with a universe that is bristling with life. Bristling with energy. Constantly speaking and responding to us through signs and symbols, dreams and messages, conversations and events, if we’re simply willing to listen. To pay attention. But listening can be scary because oftentimes what is asked of us stretches us in ways that are deeply uncomfortable. Yet that is the Hero’s Journey. To move through the unknown with grace and courage, despite how real the fear can feel.  

My deepest hope with LIFE WITH KAT WALSH is to show in real time, honestly and openly that living life in flow and radical trust is not only another way to live one’s life, but that it is an exceptional way for living an extraordinary life of love and purpose. 

To best illustrate my own journey of awakening, I encourage you to watch the two below videos from LIFE WITH KAT WALSH — my new solo podcast about navigating the spiritual awakening path. It’s not done from the vantage point of the teacher, but simply from the perspective of a friend who’s in it just like you might be. Just doing her best to figure it out and do life differently than what most of society teaches us.

If these words resonate with you, I’d love to have you join the free community via the mailing list where we’ll have zoom calls, in-person meet ups, resources and more because let’s be honest — the spiritual path is A LOT. We need each other. – Kat