When we find ourselves in unfamiliar territory, unsteady on our feet, not knowing what’s up, down or which way to go — all while a visceral, undeniable change is happening inside of us — it can be overwhelming, isolating, and confusing. 

Welcome to the spiritual awakening. It’s a lot.  Congratulations though because it is at these times of major uncertainty that everything is possible. Sometimes we just need a friend, a guide, a boost of encouragement that says the “crazy” idea you have may not be that crazy after all. 

Kat has been documenting her own awakening path of the past five years on her podcast Life With Kat Walsh.  She views herself as a bridge between worlds, remembering her old life — a monotony of routine mixed with unrelenting stress and anxiety, to now a growing awareness that peace, ease and an endless well of love is ever-present. 

Kat now dedicates her life to helping others uncover their own power and potential. She left the safety of her corporate life to follow a dream and now guides others in taking their own leap of faith.

Through 1:1 guidance, Kat works with individuals who are looking to deepen their relationship with psychedelics, properly prepare them for journey work, and be an anchor for those needing guidance and grounding during their spiritual awakening path. Because let’s face it — if we said what we were actually experiencing to most people, they wouldn’t get it. This path can only be known through direct experience and not everyone is walking it in this lifetime. 

If you are interested in working with Kat, please fill out the below information and she will get back to you within 48-72 hours. 

Note: Single Sessions are $225 for a 90-Min consultation.