Let’s face it — the psychedelic industry is the wild west. We have everything from privately funded clinical trials, to research programs at top universities, to underground guides, to a plethora of psilocybin brands popping up in the gray market as demand rises.

Kat sits amongst all of it — her finger on the pulse of the psychedelic industry thanks to her psychedelic podcast Trip On This. For the past four years, Kat has immersed herself in psychedelic culture, attending events, and working directly with numerous brands. She is highly connected to multiple thought leaders in the space as both resources and friends. 

As a popular social media voice in this space, Kat has firsthand understanding of what topics and content are most effective with pro-psychedelic audiences. Get a feel for her style on her TikTok.

Kat uses her vast number of contacts, resources and personal learnings in the psychedelic & advertising space to consult with companies and individuals newly entering the psychedelic market.

Whether you’re looking to be connected with psychedelic influencers & passionate creatives, or need assistance with creative strategy, audience insights and content recommendations, Kat brings her expertise in psychedelics and marketing under one consulting roof.

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