Unseen Worlds, Dreams & Intensity – Ep 39

EP 39 – October Energy Update, Unseen Worlds, Dreams & Intensity

October is coming in with that heat! 🔥Perhaps it’s the Aries full moon who is catapulting us into the month but boy the energy is intense! It’s also feeling like an amazing month to see some our manifestations actually taking form (finally right?!)

Video highlights:
* Intense Energy – checking in with ourselves, is this mine?! Or someone else’s?
* The Unseen – Energies, beings, entities? Who knows!
* Honesty about what we REALLY want – Say the thing that’s true to yourself even if it sounds cringy to you!
* A.I. Musings – I have two different emotions that exist at once within me. How about you?!
* Guiding an intimate dinner conversation with visionary artist Alex Grey October 20th in Los Angeles. Limited tickets available!
* Manifestations coming this Fall! It’s harvest time, my friends! Celebrate your little wins. Each step matters.

Join me for a guided conversation with visionary artist Alex Grey at Re-Imagine LA! Use code TRIPONTHIS for a discount on all tiers of tickets.
Link: https://www.tixr.com/pr/katwalsh/80991

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