There are many ways to approach a “trip.” One of the common ways is a deep, eyes-closed, lying down type of experience where people can enter the depths of their conscious and unconscious minds. No doubt, these experiences can be incredibly transformative. Though they’re not the only way…

My relationship with mushrooms began through sheer joy, fun, dance, human connection and laughter.  Admittedly I was working with them in a more “recreational” context where the intention was — well, to have fun! What I didn’t realize is these experiences of joy, wonder and awe were fundamentally changing me.

Everything in my life began to shift with these journeys and I began to see myself more clearly. What was I capable of? What stories had I been telling myself? What self-limiting beliefs did I hold? The list goes on. Then one evening, tripping and dancing the night away, I had this thought — “I can do anything I want.” And from there my entire life began to change and the wheels of my entrepreneurial journey were set into motion.

My healing journey began with joy and that is what I bring into my own version of “sacred space” when working with others.


My approach to journey work for first timers and beginners is to meet these “earth teachers” through a sense of gentle curiosity. A ‘choose your own adventure’ style experience where I will be there to help guide you but ultimately it’s about cultivating your own wisdom and trust with the aid of these miraculous medicines. 

The music we play is music that feels good! We may dance if you like. We may talk about what you’re feeling. We may pull some oracle cards to hear some guidance. We may take a slow walk guided by me so you’re steady on your feet. We may have you lay down to recenter yourself and go within to receive your own inner wisdom.

I’m not a therapist, I’m a friend. A companion that will be with you, will laugh with you, will hold you when you need a cry, and will be a gentle anchor of presence for you when you need your quiet moments.

I work with a combination of mushrooms and heart medicine at moderate doses (1.5g – 3.5g) as opposed to hero journeys 5g+. These moderate doses are not small mind you. These are still very powerful experiences and oftentimes incredibly clarifying for our lives. The ceremony space is chosen based on our mutual discussion of the tone and desired atmosphere. If you prefer to hold the experience at your own home, that is also an option at an additional donation. 

After the experience, comes the most important part of the journey — integrating it. Said plainly — how do we take what we learned from an experience and apply it practically to our lives? Without the integration, it just becomes a cool experience. Nothing wrong with that. But with the integration? Miracles are possible. It’s exciting when we discover the incredible power within. We all have it. It’s not a secret, it’s a choice.

And so I leave the choice of integration sessions to you. It doesn’t need to be with me though I do offer it as an à la carte option for your post journey. I’d highly recommend you fully gift yourself the proper support after any big experience.

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*NOTE: I do not encourage or condone any illegal activity, including but not limited to the purchase, sale, or use of illegal substances. Please refrain from inquiring about sourcing. I do not provide mental health or medical services. These offerings are not a substitute for medical, psychological, or psychiatric diagnosis, treatment, or advice.