Ep #1 – The Journey Begins


This episode is the essence of LIFE WITH KAT WALSH. A living, breathing journal from one seeker to the next. This episode is an introduction to me and the beautiful, difficult, awe-inspiring wild ride I’ve been on since my spiritual awakening in 2020. I’ve also been on an entrepreneurial path with the creation of my psychedelic podcast TRIP ON THIS which has been one of my greatest teachers. Trust, surrender, and letting go of control are no doubt my biggest lesson plans in this life. To really trust that I can be lead by the intuitive voice within and create all that my soul yearns to do. I’m beginning to understand what it means to be a conscious creator but I’m new on the path, doing my best to show up with integrity and alignment in all that I do. I’m not here to be a spiritual guru or pretend I have all the answers — I don’t. Think of me as your friend right here next to you just trying to do her best and live in this world differently. 

Like life though — things have greatly evolved even since I’ve released this episode, so I encourage you to listen to Episode #12 that’s titled “If You Need a Friend — The Reboot” for a more complete idea of what this podcast is all about. Welcome to my world. It’s gonna get real. It’s gonna get vulnerable. It’s gonna be a ride.

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